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99+ Blessed Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom & Dad (Parents)

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter - Birthday Images, Pictures: It always true for a father, his daughter will always keep on daddy little princess they have no matter how old she gets. Especially for a MotherHer daughters stay a part of her own heart and soul. If your daughter birthday is come soon so you can celebrate and give gifts with a beautiful and sweet quotes, sms, and messages on greeting cards. This day is special way to wish your daughter on her birthday you must feel happy and special.  Your daughter birthday is chance to smile and laugh with her as a family. On this article you can select them and write on greeting cards to your daughter Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Messages, Greetings and Wishes

More than being a daughter, u have been a friend. Thanks 4 being so mature through all of life’s bends. Happy birthday.

Dear daughter, anoDr year has passed nd we rhappy 2 see u grow even more beautiful nd wiser each year. Our baby, our little girl, our sweet daughter, we love u. Happy Birthday!

We feel so proud nd happy 2 see how much our little girl has grown 2 become such a fine ung lady. On ur birthday, we wish Dat more love nd blessings will come on ur way. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday daughter

From D Day u Opened Ur Eyes
U Made Me D Happiest Parent
In The Whole World.
Today Is Your Birthday.
I Gave You Life,
While u Gave Me Much More Than dat.
Although u Grew Up,
You’ll Always Be My Baby Girl.

I really don’t know what great things I have done in D past life 2 deserve such a wonderful daughter like u. Whatever it was, it must have been so incredible for I was given D best daughter in D world. Happy birthday our little darling!

Sure, u rmy daughter. However, this is not D only title Dat perfectly describes u in my life. U rmy best friend nd D love of my life. Thank u for ur undying love, unending crnd ur amazing intelligence nd humor! Love u lots nd lots, happy birthday

Happy birthday quotes for daughter

D judges have just made a decision nd declared u “D Best Daughter of D World”. I just knew u will certainly win D title because u truly deserve 2 be called D best daughter. Happy birthday my prize winner, I love u!

In our heart, u will forever be our little girl, our beautiful princess. In our eyes, u ra loving nd caring woman Dat truly inspires us nd a lot of people around u. We love u nd may u have a wonderful birthday celebration.

4rm D Day u Opened Ur Eyes
u Made Me D Happiest Parent
In D Whole World.
Today is Ur Birthday.
I Gave u Life,
While u Gave Me Much More Than dat.
Although u Grew Up,
You’ll Always Be My Baby Girl.

Happy birthday wishes for daughter

I am not only grateful Dat u rmy daughter. I am grateful for D love, friendship, kindness nd support u have given me. I will surely give it all back 2 u. May u have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart!

If I had all D time in D world 2 write how grateful I am 2 have u in my life, a hundred pages of book will certainly not be enough. I just want u 2 know Dat u rD reason why I breathe each day nd D reason why this life is meaningful 2 me. Happy Birthday my dear daughter!

Having a daughter like u, I feel so blessed

I wish u always get D best, heartiest birthday wishes 4rm me 2 u,
Have an awesome day wid dreams all new

Happy birthday to my daughter

Happy birthday, sweetie! We want u 2 know Dat u have brought more light in2 our lives than a gazillion suns. U rcertainly D brightest part of our lives nd our prayer is for u 2 grow up nd become a fine ung lady.

2 our beloved daughter, from D first moment we laid our eyes on u, u have made us believe Dat indeed, miracles do happen. Happy Birthday 2 u nd May u shine even brighter, lighting up every life Dat u 2uch, most especially ours.

A daughter is D chapter without which D story of her parents’ life can never be complete. Happy birthday dear.

Happy birthday daughter poems

Sweetie pie, u rD source of our daily happiness. Thank u for coming in2 our life nd may u have a truly wonderful birthday. We love u!

From D day u came in2 our lives, ur natal day has always been an event Dat we celebrate with great joy. Dat is because u rour greatest pride. Happy birthday, our beloved daughter.

All Dis while I thought
Dat I was the 1 teaching
But then I realized dat
Ur childhood taught me things so true
All dis while I thought
Dat I was a wonderful mother
But then I realized what makes dat possible
Is dat u r a wonderful daughter
Happy birthday

 Happy birthday wishes to daughter

For as long as I can remember, u have been D greatest blessing Dat I have received in my life. U rD greatest source of my happiness nd joy. Happy birthday, my precious little daughter! I love u!

Dear daughter, whatever road u rgoing 2 take in life, please keep in mind Dat we ralways Dre for u no matter what. Here’s wishing u an incredibly happy birthday nd May u have a wonderful life ahead! We love u forever nd beyond.

You are D most beautiful gift any1 has ever been gifted with.
God truly loved us a lot when he gifted us wid u.
On Ur birthday, we wish dat God blesses u abundantly nd fills Ur heart wid more love.
Happy Birthday 2 our dearest daughter.

Happy birthday to my daughter quotes

Dear daughter, thank u so much for giving us a chance 2 become ur mom nd dad. We rtruly happy nd delighted 2 be ur parents. U certainly make our life so much beautiful nd for Dat we r forever grateful. Happy Birthday!

Dre is nobody compares 2 u, our lovely daughter. We rso happy 2 see u grow 2 be such an incredible woman as u rnow. May u continue 2 be an inspiration 2 D people who love u, Happy Birthday

Daughters, U are treasured by us nd by every1 dat has been graced by Ur presence! I am wishing u a wonderful day!

2day is a very special day, because it is D day when I (we) first saw my (our) angel. May u never grow up for me (us)! Have a lovely birthday!

Happy birthday daughter cards

Happy birthday 2 our beautiful, smart, kind nd loving little princess, we rso proud of u! May u always be surrounded by kind people, may happiness fill each of ur days!

Happy bday, our sweetie! True joy nd happiness entered our hearts on D day when u came in this world! May this day bring u nothing but joy nd D most wonderful memories!

Happy birthday 2 my precious daughter. Even when I think dat u can9t get any more wonderful, adorable, caring nd beautiful, u do. U amazes me, sweetie, even when I thought I could no longer be amazed by anything.

2day is so important 2 every1 who knows u nd who loves D amazing person u are. We wish u all D wonderful things in D world 2day nd always!

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