Monday, 12 December 2016

Happy Birthday to wife 2017

Happy Birthday to wife: If your wife birthday is coming soon and you was thinking how to celebrate your wife birthday. Some husband thinking they gift a flower bouquet and greeting etc but they have no idea what to write in a greeting cards. Birthday is the best event when you express your feeling she is the best and the special person in your life, how much she important for you many things you can express on your wife birthday. So here we have a latest collection of birthday wishes, sms, and messages you can select them and write on the greeting cards.

Happy birthday wishes for wife

Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me d perfect husband dat I am today.

I amassed a massive debt on D day I got married 2 U – D debt of unconditional love nd undying commitment. I promise 2 keep repaying this debt until my very last breath. I love U, happy birthday.

D woman, who managed 2 make me like soap operas nd hate using dirty washrooms, deserves a stnding ovation on her birthday.

It seems Dat every1 knows U turned a year older except me. In my eyes U R exactly D way Dat U were when I met U 4 D first time – stunning nd gorgeous. Happy birthday.

As U blow D cndles on Ur birthday cake, I want 2 tell U what a wonderful wife U make. Widout U in my life, my heart would hve bled. Wid U, I look 4ward 2 a wonderful life ahead. Happy birthday darling.

I didn’t know what 2 get 4 U on Ur birthday since I figured Dat diamonds would be 2o cheap nd gold 2o common, when compRd 2 a jewel like U. Happy birthday sweetie.

Happy birthday quotes for wife

“Each year, I see U grow more beautiful, more perfect. I wish D happiest of birthdays 2 U, my loving wife.”

“No words can adequately express my love 4 U. It does not age. It merely grows. Happy birthday 2 U, my heart, my wife.”

“Loving U is D greatest joy I will ever know. U R my everything. Happy birthday 2 U, my amazing, awesome wife.”

“A lifetime will never be sufficient 2 express D love 4 U I hve in my heart. Happy birthday, my soul mate, my wife.”

“Despite all D obstacles of life, U stnd by me, loving me through it all. U R my wife, I love U. Happy birthday.

Wine becomes a lot sweeter wid age. This is D same for Ur wife. U becomes more beautiful each year. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my wife

On Ur birthday I want 2 make a promise dat I will not tire, until I fulfill all Ur wishes nd desires. Happy birthday.

Good times become better nd bad times become 2lerable when shared with a life partner like U. Happy birthday.

In my arms, I want U 2 be. My love for U, I want U 2 see. My heart beats, I want U 2 feel. Layers of my emotions, I want U 2 peel. In my eyes, I want U 2 gaze. Lost 2geDr, I want us, in love’s daze. Happy birthday.

Most people read quotes 2 find D true meaning of life, but all I need 2 do is 2 look in2 Ur eyes. Happy birthday.

Dre is so much 2 like about U baby, complimenting U would take longer than infinity. U are D woman of my fantasy, nd I can’t imagine my life without U baby. Happy birthday.

D best part of our relationship is dat D memories of bitter fights have been overshadowed by those of making up after. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday wife

If U really wants 2 understnd how much Ur birthday means 4 me, just listen 2 my heart after U blow D cndles on Ur cake. It won’t be beating, it’ll be singing… Happy Birthday 2 U.

Ur birthday is D perfect opportunity 2 say SORRY 4 all D fights nd arguments, THANK U 4 all D sacrifices U’ve made nd I LOVE U 4 everything Dat U mean 2 me. Happy birthday.

U R my life’s healing 2nic. Widout U, everything would be completely 2xic. D rock solid support of a wife like U, is available only 2 a lucky few. Happy birthday.

On D day we shRd our first kiss, I knew U were going 2 be my Mrs. Happy birthday darling.

As U blow D cndles on Ur cake, please don’t make any wishes 4 me. In U, I’ve already got everything I could hve ever wished 4. Happy birthday.

My darling wife u are such a beauty. May the blessing of another year add as much joy 2 ur life as you bring to mine…? Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday wishes to wife

On Ur finger D day I slid Dat ring, U made me fly by giving me wings. As radiant as D sun’s beams, U hve always been D girl of my dreams. Happy birthday.

Wid U as my wife nd D moDr of my children, I wouldn’t hve life any oDr way. My lifelong promise 2wards our marriage nd family, is what I ceremonially renew again on Ur birthday.

After many years of marriage nd memories so sweet, even 2day when I see U my heart skips a beat. Happy birthday h1y.

Heaps of years hve g1 by since D day we got married, but U still look as beautiful as D moment I saw U walking down D aisle. Happy birthday.

A birthday is incomplete widout a 2ast, nd here’s mine 4 U – As a moDr, U’re D sweetest. As a woman, U’re D prettiest. As a wife, U’re D best. Happy birthday

With u as my wife nd D mother of my children, I wouldn’t have life any odr way. My lifelong promise 2wards our marriage and family is what I ceremonially renew again on Ur birthday.

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