Monday, 12 December 2016

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear Wishes 2017

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear Wishes: Teddy is the best gift for birthday girl because it very soft cute nd sweet so if you give teddy bear with a greeting card which you have write “you are like a teddy bear you are so sweet, you are cute” on the greeting card. So here we have a best unique album of Birthday teddy bear wishes and images you can send to your birthday friend and you can make happy on his birthday. Do some special things which express your concern, love etc. So get up and wish them many many happy returns of the day.

Happy birthday teddy bear Wishes

Knock again & again
Anybody on Mobile??
a Delivery Waiting for u
a teddy bear with a rose..@

( . O.)
2 Say u
Have a happy birthday teddy bear

(‘o ‘ )
If U R A Chocolate U Are The Sweetest, If U R A Teddy Bear
U R D Most Huggable, and Since U R My Friend. U R D Best.
**Happy birthday teddy bear** My Dear..

Luv Knows No Reason, Luv Knows No Lies. Luv Defies All
Reasons, Luv Has No Eyes. But Luv Is Not Blind, Luv Sees But Doesn’t Mind.
@Happy birthday teddy bear 2 U@.

U’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart,
Wherever I May Go,
On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like 2 Say,
I Care More Than U Know.

U don’t need WORDS 2 show that
U care for someone.
Like mr.bean, he barely speaks but
He never leaves his teddy behind.

If u are a chocolate u are the
If u are a teddy bear u are the
Nd since u r my friend.

It’s Teddy Bear Day,
And I’m thinking
Of someone cute and huggable
Who is u?
Happy birthday teddy bear.

On Birthday Teddy , We Think Of People Who Have Cheered And Encouraged Us, Who Go Out Of D Way 2 Be Kind And Caring, Who Have Enriched Our Lives Just By Being Dmselves. You Are Such A Person. I’m So Happy You’re My Love Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

In our childhood, teddy bears are warm companions good listeners, never critical, always reassuring. Dy are bear-shaped security blankets, huggable enough 2 fold in our arms, a perfect fit 4 our laps. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

What I Need 2 Live Has Been Given 2 Me
By D Earth..
Why I Need 2 Live Has Been Given 2 Me
By You My Teddy Bear !!!

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear Tum haste raho,nachte raho,muskurate raho, sada khil khilate raho, khush raho aur gungunate raho………….. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Let d world s2p turning,Let d sun s2p burning, Let dm tell me love�s not worth going through.If it all falls apart,I will know deep in my heart,D only dream dat mattered had come true�In dis life I was loved by you. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Whenevr u c LOVE coming, WELCOME it,
open ur Arms,Embrace it & let it ENTER in2 U!
People will ask UR U in LOVE?
jst say-no,LOVE is in me! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Wen a 2UCH could HEAL a wound
Wen EYES’S cud SPEAK volumes
Wen a SMILE can confirm I M DRE
dn why do v need owrds 2 say ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

When daylight turns 2 a darkened hue, D lovely stars r hinting @ u, Ur heart beats tells u something true, Dat some1 sumwher is missing U….! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

U’ll alwys b mine 4 now n 4ever.
U’ll alwys b mine 4 ur my treasure.
U’ll always b mine pls tel me its true.
Pls b mine 4everi’ll always luv u…! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

U Are In My Heart And Mind
Wherever I Go,
On Teddy Bear Day I Would
Like 2 Say,
I Care More Than U Know..! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Love Me Love My Teddy Bear
Kiss Me Kiss Me My Teddy
Bear Hug Me Hug Me My Tedd.y Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

A Bedroom Without A Teddy,
Is Like A Face Without Smile..
By Gifting Dis Teddy I Want
2 Show I Love U, And Want
D Same Response From U..! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

By Gifting U Dis Teddy, I
Want 2 Show U Dat I Am
Ready 2 Make U Mine, And
Fill My Life With Sunshine! Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Let d world s2p turning,
Let d sun s2p burning,
Let dm tell me love’s not worth going through.
If it all falls apart,
I will know deep in my heart,
D only dream dat mattered had come true
In dis life I was loved by you. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

A Cute Teddy Bear,
2 My Cute Friend,
On A Cute Occasions,
Just 2 Say, Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

By Gifting u Dis Teddy I Wana Show you Im Ready dat.. 2 Make u Mine And Fill My Life..With Sunshine-i-Love-u- Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

48+2 Members Can Sit In A Bus,5+1 Can Sit In A Car,3+1 Can Sit In A Au2,1+1 Can Sit In A Bike,Only 1 Can Sit In My Heart Dats U My Dear . Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Tere Mare Doste Ka Affsaana Bhi Hai, Iss Ma Pyaar Ka Khazaana Bhi Hai, Iss Liye Chaahte Hai Aapsey Teddy Bear Mangnaa� Or Aaj 2 Mangne Ka Bahaaana Bhi Hai. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

A Teddy Bear Is A Faithful Friend
You Can Pick Him Up At Eidr
End, His Fur Is D Colour Of
Breakfast 2ast, And He’s
Always Dre When You Need Him
Most, Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Mera Teddy Sambhal Kar Rakhna
Yeh Aapko Bahut Pyar Karta
Hai Hamare Dil Ki Batein Yeh
Aapse Kahega Kyunki Hamara
Dil Aapse Kehne Se Darta
Hai….Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

So here we provide you Happy Birthday Teddy Bear so you can send to your birthday friends and wish with a different and cute style. You can bookmark this webpage to visit again later.