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Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday quotes: Are you looking for some Birthday Quotes to write on greeting cards. So you are in right place, here we have a best and inspirational quotes for birthday. Birthdays are one of the life’s milestones that can inspire all kinds of problems and observation. In this article there many funny and interesting birthday quotes from famous writers, artists, politicians and celebrities. You can dedicate the Birthday Quotes related to Inspirational, love, care etc to your friends, love ones. Please read the article and comment it below.

Funny happy birthday quotes

People often compR birthdays wid boogers. Because, wid D increase of its number, people find breathing harder.

Happy birthday wishes quotes

A birthday is just anoDr day where u go 2 work nd people give u love. Age is just a state of mind, nd u R as old as u think u R. U have 2 count ur blessings nd be happy.

Happy birthday quote

A birthday is just anoDr day where u go 2 work nd people give u love. Age is just a state of mind, nd u R as old as u think u R. U have 2 count ur blessings nd be happy.

Happy birthday mom quotes

No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I would never be able 2 show u how much I appreciate everything u’ve done 4 me. U R my hero, u R my strength. I wish u a very Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday quotes funny

How do u expect me 2 remember Ur birthday?
When u never look any older? Happy birthday!

Happy birthday love quotes

Wid u, life is one big celebration. This is how I feel every daynd I wanted u 2 know my feelings about u on Ur special day. Happy birthday, my love!

Happy birthday quotes

Ur gift is Dat u never skimp on Ur love or acceptance. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday funny quotes

Wid every passing year, Dy become more experienced of life. It can really create a difference in ur style while matching wid Dir personality.

Happy birthday quotes 4 mom

4 every year of my life, u has easily won D “Best MoDr of D Year” Award. No one come even wid in a mile of Ur winning ways. Wishing u a birthday as great as u R, Mom.

Happy birthday thank u quotes

Thank u 4 being a part of my special day nd making it even more special. I am so 4tunate 2 have someone like u in my life. I had a brilliant birthday because of u.

Happy birthday in heaven quotes

Oh, Ur anoDr birthday has arrived? But it really seems only yesterday Dat u were a whole year unger! God bless u, Buddy!

Happy birthday Christian quotes

Take His hnd nd get excited; He’s got great things planned ahead 4 u! May God bless u wid loads of happiness nd joy 4 D rest of Ur life!

Quotes happy birthday

Fly free nd happy beyond birthday’s nd across 4ever, nd we’ll meet now nd Dn when we wish, in D midst of D one celebration Dat never can end.”

Happy birthday inspirational quotes

God gave us D gift of life; it is up 2 us 2 give ourselves D gift of living well.

Cute happy birthday quotes

Most of us can remember a time when a birthday – especially if it was one’s own – brightened D world as if a second sun has risen.

Happy birthday love quotes for him

I love D big fresh starts, D clean slates like birthdays nd new years, but I also really like D idea Dat we can get up every morning nd start over.

Christian happy birthday quotes

Pray not as if it is a 4mality. Pray like u R having a sweet conversation wid God nd when u R done, u will feel like u’ve just talked 2 ur best friend, 4 no one understands u as well as Him. Happy Birthday 2 u.

Happy birthday mother quotes

U were Dre when I was bRly able 2 stnds up nd speak 4 myself. U were Dn even though I have finally learned how 2 talk nd how 2 walk. Nd now Dat I am old enough 2 fend 4 myself, u R still by my side, just like a true moDr. Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th birthday quotes

I must have been yearning 4 some Jewish content beyond my genetic makeup because soon after my 50th birthday, I noticed I was no longer dating
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