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Happy Birthday poems

Happy birthday poems: On this event huge numbers of peoples search the Birthday poems to write in Greeting cards, send through the SMS etc.  So here we come with an article which is full of birthday poems like sweet, funny. All knows ewe all are very excitedly waited for Birthday especially in childhood.  If you can search the Birthday Poem so you so in right place here a  best album of Birthday poems which can you send to birthday boys or Girls. You can find the list of unique, cute happy birthday poems, Funny Poems that you can dedicate to your loved ones, friends other peoples. You can send the poems in different styles.

Happy birthday poems

So what if you’re getting older,
Dre are worse things 2 be,
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
Wid zero self-esteem.So what if you got a few wrinkles,
Dre are worse things 2 have,
Like a case of D twenty something’s,
Nd a room at Mom nd Dad’s.2 me, you’re simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right,
So have a happy birthday,
Nd let’s party all night.

Happy birthday poem

2day must be ur birthday because D sun is shining bright
D clouds dat are usually hiding it are now nowhere in sight
D birds are singing joyfully as Dy go happily on Dir way
It’s as if MoDr Nature herself knew dis was a very special day
D day before was gloomy nd D weaDr was pretty bad
But on dis day it all went away nd now I don’t feel so sad
My sadness was replaced wid happiness dat wasn’t Dre before
Ur birthday does dis every year so I hope you’ll have many more
Every year it has been dis way since D day of ur sweet birth
Nd it’s dis day dat makes me appreciate my time down here on earth
My friendship wid you grows each year nd I feel a special bond
Nd when dis day no longer shines I will know dat you are g1

Happy birthday mom poems
Dear MoDr I love you nd want you 2 know,
I think of you often wherever I go.
You lift me up; you’re like walking sunshine;
I am lucky 2 have a great moDr like mine.
Ur endless affection makes you special nd rare;
I’m always amazed by how much you care.
What you’ve given 2 me I can never repay,
Thank you, Mom, on ur (45th, 50nd, etc.) birthday.

Happy birthday in heaven

Happy Birthday up in Heaven
from ur family here below.
We love you nd we miss you,
nd want 2 let you knowUr birthdays aren’t forgotten
just because you’re far away.
Each 1, 2 ur family, is very special day.
Was God 2 grant us just 1 wish,
Dn make dat wish come true,
you’d be here right beside us
nd we’d spend dis day wid you.
Nd while here for ur birthday
you would be so hugged nd kissed
dat you would know before you go
how much you’re loved nd missed.

Happy birthday grandma poems

All Dse years you have spoiled me enough
But you have also taught me how 2 be 2ugh
How can I forget all D fun times dat we shared
Patience nd concern for me, how you have always spared
Ur wise words nd warm hugs, I will never forget
I will draw inspiration from Dm, whenever I am upset
Happy birthday, 2 D most amazing grndmoDr
Like ur impact on my life, Dre can be no oDr

Happy birthday poems for mom

Like a cndle you are, dear moDr
Which burns nd melts, 2 give light 2 oDrs?
In ur warmth, I have always felt safe nd secure
For all my worries, ur love has been D ultimate cure
For all my life’s pain, you have been D ultimate balm
Happy birthday 2 my best friend who is also my mom

Happy birthday niece poems

Wishing you happiness2
2 welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
2 make ur heart sing.
Wishing you friendship
Sharing nd caring,
Nd all of D joy
D birthday can bring!
Dre couldn’t be a better day
2 take a chance 2 say,
Dat you are wished a joy nd luck-
Be happy everyday!

Happy birthday poems for him

Smiles nd laughter, joy nd cheer
New happiness dat stays throughout D year
Hope ur birthday brings all Dse nd more
Filling life wid surprise nd joys galore!
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