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99+ Happy Birthday Images & HD Wallpapers Free Download 2017

Happy Birthday Balloons HD Images, Wallpapers FREE download:  All know guys the wallpapers and HD wallpapers are the best thing to express your feeling without asking anything.  So you can download it and send to your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. If you can find the collection  of unique, sweet, cute happy birthday Wallpapers and HD wallpapers, interesting, Birthday Wallpapers and HD wallpapers that you can dedicate to your loved ones, friends etc. Here we assemble with a best collection of Birthday Wallpapers and HD wallpapers. Wish your loved ones for their special day from the list of our Website pages.

Happy Birthday Images, HD Wallpaper For Whatsapp Facebook Wishes

“Fly in D plane of ambition,
and land on D airport of success,
Luck is Urs,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .
With LOTs of LOVE

Happy birthday, darling! You’re D best daughter anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for choosing me as ur partner in fun on ur special day. We will definitely have some unforgettable, unbelievable memories 2 share for a lifetime.

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Dont lose Ur confidence
Go always ahead.
Happy Birthday

Hr raah aasan ho,
Hr raah pe khushiyan ho,
Hr din khubsurat ho,
Aisa hi pura jivan ho,
Yahi hr din meri dua ho,
Aisa hi 2mara hr janamdin ho!!!

Happy birthday high resolution wallpapers

Happy Birthday 2 a person that is charming, talented and witty and reminds me a lot of myself.

It’s Ur birthday time again;
It’s true; Dre’s no denying,
AnoDr year has come nd g1;
U know Dat I’m 9t lying. So 4 U,
D birthday person,
Here’s what I want 2 say in Birthday Wishes:
I hope this birthday’s D best 1 yet,
In every delightful way.
So happy birthday 2 U.
Have lots of birthday

A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Ye din ye mahina ye taarikh jab jab aayi
Hm ne kitne pyaar se janam din ki mehfil sajayi
Hr shamaa par naam likh diya dosti ka
Is ki roshni mein chand jaisi teri surat h samayi…

Happy birthday wallpapers for desktop

Hope Ur special day brings U all Dat ur heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises!

It’s a nice feeling when U know Dat
Some1 likes U
Some1 thinks about U,
Some1 needs U;
But it feels much better when U know Dat
Some1 never ever 4gets Ur birthday.

Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds nd
success as bright as gold.
Dse r my wishes 4 u 2day n everyday.
Happy Birthday….

Aaj ka din mere liye kuch khaas h
Mera Dil aaj hi 2ota h
Ye mere Janm din ka 2fa mehboob ne diya h
Mere samne hi aaj usne kisi aur ka daman thama h…

Happy birthday mobile wallpapers

It’s Ur birthday time again;
It’s true; there’s no denying,
Anodr year has come and gone;
You know Dat I’m not lying. So 4 u,
D birthday person,
Here’s what I want 2 say in Birthday Wishes:
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet,
In every delightful way.
So happy birthday 2 you.

Aa teri Umar mein likh du chnd sitaaro se,
Tera janam din mein manau phoolon se bahaaron se,
hr ek khubsurti duniya se mein le aau,
Sajaau yeh mehfil mein hr haseen nazaaro se?
Happy Birthday..

On Ur birthday I wish U much pleasure nd joy;
I hope ol of Ur wishes come true.
May each hour nd minute be filled with delight,
Nd Ur birthday be perfect 4 U

A birthday means new dreams 2 dream, new thoughts 2 think, a whole new year, 2 try a million good things nd U’re just D girl 2 try Dm, 2 think Dm, 2 dream Dm. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday wallpapers for facebook

Wish you a many many happy returns of D day.
May God bless U with health,
wealth and prosperity in ur life

Wish U A Very Happy Birthday
May Life Lead U 2 Great Happiness
Success Nd Hope Dat
Ol Ur Wishes Come True!
Enjoy Ur Day
Happy Birthday Sweet Heart

Go my sweet SMS
Sweet Friend k paas
Sweet Galyoon sey ho ker
Sweet Style k saath
Sweet Smile k sath
Sweet Mode k saath
Sweet sey Ndaz me kehna

With lots of love,
This message comes 2 say
U’re wished D joys U so deserve
Especioly 2day…..
Nd may D days Dat lie ahead
Be extra-nice 1, 2o,
Filled with ol D happiness
May Everything Happy
Nd Everything Bright
Be Urs On Ur Birthday
From Morning Till Night.
Nd Dn Through D Year
May D Same Thing Hold True
So Dat Each Day Is Filled
With Life’s Best Things 4 U

Happy birthday wallpapers for whatsapp

May Everything Happy and Everything Bright Be urs On Your Birthday 4om Morning Till Night? And Then Through D Year May D Same Thing Hold True so dat Each Day Is Filled With Life’s Best Things 4 You! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

May U have ol D joy Ur heart can hold,
Ol D smiles a day can bring,
Ol D blessings a life can unhold,
May U have God’s best in everything.

Its a nice feeling when U know Dat some1 likes U, some1 thinks about U, some1 needs U;but it feels much better when U know Dat some1 never ever 4gets Ur birthday.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

MằῪ ểṽểṛῪ ṗằṮἪ Ḅể ṥṀὀὀṮἪ Ḟὀṛ ῪὀỬ,
MằῪ ểṽểṛῪ Ḉὀṛἦểṛ ḄṛἹἦḠ ῪὀỬ ἪằṗṗῪ ṥỬṛṗṛἹṥểṥ,
MằῪ ểṽểṛῪ ḎằῪ ṗỬṮ ằ ṥṀἹḹể ὀἦ ῪὀỬṛ ḞằḈể,
MằῪ ểṽểṛῪ ḞṛἹểἦḎ ḄṛἹἦḠ ῪὀỬ ṗṛἹḈể ằἦḎ jὀῪ,
MằῪ ῪὀỬ ḠểṮ ὥἪằṮểṽểṛ ῪὀỬ ằḹὥằῪṥ ὥἹṥἪểḎ Ḟὀṛ,
AἦḎ ṀằῪ ῪὀỬ ἦểṽểṛ ḞὀṛḠểṮ ME!
I ὥἹṥἪ ῪὀỬ ằ ṽểṛῪ HằṗṗῪ BἹṛṮἪḎằῪ.

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