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Happy 80th birthday Wishes

Happy 80th birthday Wishes: The 80th birthday this is the special moment of life that they are celebrating their 80th birthday. This is the age when people get old and they want to more living life and want to fun of their life. On this age people become like a child. They behave like a child and do something for like that. Some people are suffered a health problem. From here you can download the best messages for your mother, father, grandmother and grandfather and you can also choose the best messages for birthday card.

Happy 80th birthday Wishes

Ur hair may be white,
But ur eyes are still bright,
Nd ur smile can light up a room.

U are pearls nd lace,
Full of beauty nd grace,
Nd ur fairness outshines d moon.
Wishing u much joy on this ur 80th Birthday!

Dre is a well deep within
From which living waters flow.
In some it’s hidden just 2o deep
For anyone 2 know.

But odrs cannot hide d light
Of d sparkling stream within.
It is ur spirit that so many love
Nd it never will be dimmed.
Happy 80th Birthday 2 a Beautiful Soul!

Laughter nd light,
Wisdom so right,
Truth nd beauty nd love.
Dse are d things
That ur presence brings
All gifts from d dear Lord aboveHappy Birthday! U are 80 years ung

2day u celebrate 80 years of a remarkable life,
A life full of hopes nd dreams, joy nd tears.
May all of ur 2morrows be happy, nd
May all of ur dreams come true!

Happy Birthday! U are 80 years ung.
When u look back nd wonder where all of d time has gone,
Remember that u helped shape his2ry nd be proud.
Here’s wishing u many more years of happiness ahead.

Happy Birthday dear friend nd best wishes 2 u
For a happy 80th birthday that lasts all year through.
On most days of d year u are d one who inspires
But 2day on ur 80th birthday u are d one we all admire.

U’re 80 years old 2day
So have a great time enjoying ur day.
Happy 80th Birthday nd remember that u
Are d one 2 be waited on, let us cater 2 u.

Birthdays come nd birthdays go
But on ur 80th birthday u are definitely stealing d show.

Happy birthday! Time definitely flies when
u’re having d time of ur life.
I bet u can’t believe u’re already 80.
I definitely can’t
u look nd act so ung for ur age.

When you were just a little child
On your birthdays you went wild
So now that you have just turned 80
Once again, let’s go crazy

Happy Birthday after 80 years
You’ve lived through sunshine, rain and tears
It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by
Here’s to more from your friend by your side

You make 80 years seem young
There isn’t much you haven’t done
I’m proud to call myself your friend
Let’s hope these good times never end

On your 80th birthday
I’d like to take the time to say
That I think you’re beyond great
So now let’s get to the cak

80 years young today
I hope you always stay this way
So full of laughter, joy and light
When you’re here things seem alright
I’m happy when you’re around
You pick me up when I’m down
So know that I’m here for you
Because we’ve got so much more to do

80 years old I can’t believe
You’ve always got something up your sleeve
You bring fun when there’s gloom
Your smile just lights up the room

You don’t same 80 years old at all
In my mind you’re young and tall
You’ve spent your life being kind
And you’re such a special find<

Wishing you “Happy 80th birthday” seems so wrong to me since you’re as timelessly
beautiful as a flawless diamond Have a very special day!

Happy birthday! Blowing out every one of your 80 birthday candles could turn
diHappy 80th birthday! Thank goodness you don’t have to blow out all 80 candles of you — we could be here all day.

Happy birthday! You’re finally 80, so it’s only fair to give you the respect and consideration you deserve at your age. Regrettably,
life has never been very fair.

Thank God you didn’t have to blow 80 candles. It could take a whole day to do so.
You deserve everybody’s honor for being such an inspirational and full of wisdom personality. Happy 80th Bday!

You are getting 80 years today. Happy Birthday. I would damnd a recount since you are looking much younger!

Congratulations on your 80th Birthday! If someone says that you’re getting old, then throw your teeth after him and hit him with your walking stick!

Congratulations for the coolest grandpa a grandson can expect. I’d love to spend much more time with you. All the best for your 80th Birthday!

For your 80th birthday I wish you lots of gifts, a good time with your familiy, health and that you all dreams and wishes come true.

All the best for the 80th Birthday for the best grandma in the world, which makes the world’s best apple pie!

The 80th Birth is the start to a further circling of the earth around the sun. Enjoy the next round!

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