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Happy 70th birthday Wishes

Happy 70th birthday Wishes: from this article we are providing to you stunning 70th birthday messages. Suitable behaviors on a loved one’s 70th birthday lean on the people and what kind of consideration they want. A 70th birthday is a milestone admirable of celebrations and a party is appropriate way to honor the people. How proper or relaxed the party must be depends on the guest of honor. Here you can download the best messages to wish someone seventieth, whether this are your mom, dad, colleague, grandmother and grandfather by this message you can encourage them to continue on living life.

Happy 70th birthday Wishes

When u turn seventy or eighty, no matter how old u get, u will always be d hero dad who lifted his little daughter on his shoulder every time she tugged at his pants. I love u dad, happy 70th birthday.

D irony of a seventieth birthday is dat d cake is large enough 2 hold seventy cndles bt u aren’t allowed 2 eat more than a slice. Happy 70th birthday.

At seventy, d best policy is 2 see how far u have come radr than seeing how far u still have 2 go. Happy birthday

Ur wrinkles look so beautiful, d mellowness in ur personality looks so graceful, ur timid expressions are so joyful nd ur wisdom is so powerful – it is hard 2 explain in words. Happy 70th birthday

D real escapade of life doesn’t begin at twenty when u can travel d world, bt at seventy when u can hardly even travel 2 d bathroom. Happy 70th birthday

U have inspired many people.
Everything about u will always be remembered
nd a lot of us are celebrating for ur birthday.
We all wish u d best.
Happy 70th Birthday!

Happy 70th Birthday!
I wish u all d best, not just for 2day, bt for always!
Enjoy ur special day nd continue
on making our lives a bit brighter every day.

U are a very special person nd it is an honor
2 know u nd be a part of ur life.
U have seen many days both good nd bad nd still come out strong
enough 2 celebrate ur 70th birthday.
May God grant u more years 2 enjoy.
Happy 70th birthday.

On dis special occasion of ur 70th birthday
I want 2 let u know dat I feel blessed
dat u have come dis far,
nd my prayer is dat u will have many more birthdays
Happy birthday 2 u.

Seventy years are not enough for someone like u 2 spread all d happiness nd love u possibly can. It will take many more decades 2 spread out ur wings nd shower all ur limitless love on everyone around u. Happy 70th birthday.

I thank you for raising me
For loving me and for teaching me your ways
And I wish you all the love in the world
On this, your 70th birthday

Dad, we love you so very much
And we’re here to help you handle
A 70th birthday full of excitement
And 70 big candles

I’m here to say happy 70th
To the man that taught me how to love
And I’ll be here for the rest of your life
To give you warmth, and laughter, and hugs.

70 years has come and gone
Since my dad was born on this earth
And not a single day goes by
When I don’t think about his worth.

I love my dad more than life itself
And respect him above all other men
Today he turns 70 years old
And I’m here to say happy birthday again.

If you were asked to blow 70 candles, imaging how many hours it would have taken you.
Happy 70th birthday.

Just three more decades for a hundred,
Are you glad or dreaded?
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Lung exercise is now a must,
So that your life you can trust!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Now that you are seventy,
You should keep yourself healthy!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Decline your liking for food that is junk,
If you don’t improve, you may land up being a punk!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Spare some time for meditation,
You’ll soul will go through rejuvenation!!!Happy 70th Birthday!

Buy one problem and you’ll get one free,
So now do you get it, problems aren’t meant for thee!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

The cloud, the grass, the flowers and the tree,
Now seems to you like a family!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

News channel all day you may watch,
You may not even bother you own a Rado or a Swatch!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

I know you don’t own a heart that’s faint,
So why the beautiful days you don’t paint?
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

You want your heart to rest at peace,
And find all the days and all moments of ease!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

You carved a path for yourself so far,
Indeed you are a true Rockstar!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Take up some music lessons if you wish,
Why let your days squish?
Happy 70th Birthday

You are a fruit that’s totally ripe,
So your knowledge, is now your stipe!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

You may forget things very quickly,
But still you can get things thickly!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Your kids may be big enough to get married,
That does not imply you are old enough to be buried!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

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