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99+ 20th Birthday Wishes– Happy Birthday SMS text Messages, Quotes 2017

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages:  Here we are represent you some information and wishes of 20th birthday. On 20th age you became a bid adult. Many youngsters are attending college and face the problems. If you have any friends, relative cousin so here we have a collection of 20th birthday wishes so you can select any and send to someone. I wish you would like this blog so enjoy it.

99+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes and SMS

Dre is no need 2 be a psychic in order 2 predict dat Ur 20th Birthday party will be d second (21st first) most awesome party ever. Happy 20th Birthday!

20 is just d natural number following 19 nd preceding 21. Dre is nothing wrong wid it. Happy 20th Birthday!

Wishing u genius 4 d rest of ur life! If u start noticing dat u’ve begun saying d same things dat ur prnts did wen u were ung, u’ve truly reached 20. Haha!

At 20, if u see a strnd of black hair, consider it 2 be a black hair of maturity. If u notice a soft wrinkle under ur eyes, consider it 2 be a wrinkle of wisdom nd if u notice a shadow always lurking behind u, consider it’s me watching over u! Happy 20th Happy Birthday

At 40 life begins! U r halfway. Way 2 go!
Hope ur 20’s 2 be as awesome as ur last 10 years!Happy 20th Birthday

Birthdays r good 4 u. Statistics show dat d people who have d most live d longest. Happy 20th birthday

Wishing u a very warm welcome 2 d second decade of urs.
A brnd new decade is waiting 4 u. What more could u ask 4? Happy 20th B-Day!
U r not 20. U r just a 10 year old kid wid 10 years of experience

My wish 4 u is simple 2 say but not so easy 2 do: I hope u live a full life…full of joy nd wonder, full of loving family nd, finally, full of trustworthy friends. Happy 20th!

At 20, so many exciting things come ur way. It’s okay — even cool — 2 be excited about life! Enjoy every second of dis year! Happy 20th birthday!

Dis is d official license 2 go 2tally mad on ur 20th birthday. Have a great nd long party.

It’s ur 19th birthday Now u feel old
But age is just a number..Or so we r 2ld
So get a grip..Nd have lots of fun
4 life’s 4 living..Wen all’s said nd done

Twenty years old, u’re not a teen now
Leaving mom nd dad, I thought u’d never learn how
But enough wid d jokes, u’re my bright light of hope
Happy birthday my friend, all d way till d end

Hey dre buddy, wanna hear something funny?
4 ur twentieth birthday, I got u a big pot of honey
It’s sweeter than sun shine, nd brighter than summer time
But 4 a friend like u, I’ll get stung all of d time

As u get older u learn
D years pass like molasses, nd algebra classes
D time flies wen it’s fun, as we circle d sun
Nd d older u get, d more u 4get
But in my fiftieth year, I’ll still feel like u’re near
Happy twentieth birthday, it’s all downhill from here

U’re not longer a teen, no more being a drama queen
Twenty’s d time, 4 ur true colors 2 shine
Because u’re 2o ung 2 know that u’re 2o old 2 whine
Nd u’re not even of age, I can’t pour u a glass
But over virgin martini’s we’ll make a 2ast
Have d best twentieth birthday, u silly old goat

I’m glad that u’re my special guy
Nd dre’s a million reasons why
20 years old 2day
Nd just so great in every way

Odr girls might str at u
But 2 me u’re always true
So take me in2 ur arms
So I can feel ur special charm
20 years is not that old
U make my blood run hot, not cold

20 years old u have turned
If dre’s one thing bout’ u I’ve learned
U’re always nice, u’re always kind
I’m so thankful u r mine

Ur 20 now… hard 2 believe
Nd now that u r here wid me
Blow out ur cndles right away
Because 2day is just ur day

20 years old, u’re now all grown
Nd if dre’s one thing that u’ve shown
It’s that u’re a special guy
Nd dre r many reasons why

4 20 years, I’ve watched u grow,
Mature, nd get much smarter.
But, son, don’t ask 4 d keys 2 d car,
4 that would be a real “non-starter.”

U’re 20, son, so we need 2 go
On our fadr-son hunting excursion.
We’ll sit dre nd chat,
Nd we’ll ambush a deer.
Now, how’s that 4 fun nd diversion?

At two, son, ’twas I who taught u 2 walk.
At three, son, ’twas I who taught u 2 talk.
At 18, I taught u 2 study hard at college.
U’re 20 now, so u thank me
4 all that free knowledge.

U’re 20, son,
Nd ur teen years r done.
U’ve reached a real miles2ne 2day.
We knew u would make it.
We knew u’d survive.
That old rabbit’s foot
We’ll finally throw away.

Twenty years back, u were born in a shack,
Nd u grew up in poverty nd squalor.
But u fought ur way out, learned what life’s all about,
So we’ll give u this proud birthday holler-
“Happy 20th birthday, son!”

4 20 years, we’ve loved u, son,
Nd grown prouder of u every day.
Ur modr nd I never cease 2 give thanks
2 God 4 u, son, wen we pray.

Ur 20th year is a sunrise year,
Nd ur whole life’s be4e u, my son.
U’re studying hard 2 get that degree,
But don’t 4get 2 have a little fun.

We wish u God’s best
On ur 20th year.
We’re ur fadr nd modr.
Don’t 4get that we’re here.
We’ll always be here 4 u, son,
If u need us.
Nd we hope, wen we get really old,
that u’ll feed us.

Hey I’m not saying u’re old… I’m just saying that if u were milk, I’d smell u be4e I poured u on my cereal. Happy 20th!

Dy says love is all u need… So I 4got 2 buy a birthday present. Happy 20th Birthday!

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