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99+ 19th Birthday Wishes– Happy Birthday Messages Quotes and SMS 2017

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes: Hello friends from this article we are providing to you the superb collection of 19th birthday messages and wishes. The 19th age of that time of life by which teenagers get learn to man y things from their life we can say that somewhere teenager life is being got finished, in 19 age they get understand the value of money and just how valuable everything. They have gone from the motionless mental nature of immaturity, in which every day is delighted like the next, and are at the time continually opinion of what’s in store up for further, the birthday is special day for every 19th age’s girls and boys. So from here you can download the 19th birthday message by which you can wish the 19th birthday in positive way.

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Quotes and Sayings

Enjoy ur teen years be4e dy’re through
Here’s wishing u success in all u do
U’re an original, truly one of a kind
I’m hoping 4 u all d joy u can find
Happy 19th birthday

Some would say u’re at an awkward stage
U’re an adult, but not at d 21 age
But I know whatever u do u’ll do just fine
U show what a great kid u are all d time
Dat’s why wishing u only good things is easy 2 do
Have a fantastic 19th birthday; all d best 2 u

U’re ung nd fun
Life has just begun
Of Life make d most
2 u I make a 2ast
Happy 19th birthday

Dre are so many options ahead 2 choose
U’ll find success no matter what u do
So go ahead nd give it all u’ve got
Remember we’ll always love u a lot
Nd this is what we’re sending ur way
Best wishes 4 a happy 19th birthday

Ur whole life is ahead, d best is yet 2 come
Dre are so many paths dat u can choose from
Whatever comes ur way, whatever d test
I’m confident dat u’ll always do ur best
Happy 19th birthday nd many more
Only d best 4 u is in s2re

Ur journey through life has started well
Where u’ll end up only time will tell
But this I tell u is certainly d truth
U’re full of promise, vitality, nd uth
Whatever u may do, wherever u may go
Dre’s one more thing I want u 2 know
I’m wishing u d best 4 ur 19th year
U’re someone who is 2 me so very dear

Hurray! Now u’re 19!
U’re now entering d portal 2 adulthood.
Relax, chill, have fun nd enjoy.
Life has still a lot 2 offer many days from now.
Have a sweet ride 2day!

I wish u d courage 2 grab all d opportunities dat will come by u
Nd I wish u d perseverance 2 live ur life 2 d fullest.
Happy 19th birthday!

As an 19-year-old, u are starting 2 gain ur independence.
This could be an exhilarating thing 2 behold.
But be careful, u are still new at d whole adult thing.
Don’t rush in2 it. Enjoy ur teenage years.
Happy 19th birthday!

Sometimes it is so hard 2 believe dat u’ve reached adulthood!
Time flies by so fast. One minute, u’re this clueless kidd
Nd now, u’ve turned 19!
I hope u have an exciting year ahead of u,
Nd dat u make d most out of being 19.
Happy birthday!

Some may say u’re 2o ung 2 understnd
D seriousness of life nd all its demnds
But this is something about u I surely know
U’ll make d most of urself wherever u go
Happy 19th birthday, we’re thinking of u
Good luck nd best wishes in all that u do

Take it from me, I know u’ll do great things
U’ll hndle with class everything life brings
Work hard, but make sure 2 have fun along d way
Here’s wishing u a wonderful 19th birthday

Time has gone quickly nd now u’re 19 years old
U’re an original, u don’t fit in any mold
U can have it all in life, this I know 4 a fact
Happy 19th 2 someone who’s an around class act

On this special day, U’re an adult,finding ur way,When u were small, It was only yesterday, Now,It seems overnight, u’ve grown strong nd tall,Happy 19th birthday!

U’re ung nd fun,U are an adult, but not at d 31 age,Life has just begun, Happy 19th birthday.

This birthday is a special one
U’re 19 2day
I hope it’s packed with
Lots of Fun
Nd u dance d night away
19th birthday

May all d precious moments
That set this day apart
Stay with u long after
As keepsakes of d heart
Nd often through d future
May u relive in thought
D very many pleasures
Ur 19th birthday has brought

u’re 19th birthday
Seems d perfect time
2 say a word or two
Like have a birthday
Filled with Fun
Nd be assured
We all Love U

So u’ve advanced in2 ur 19th year
It’s time 4 us nd u 2 cheer
4 life is a blessing
We should all hold dear
So just be glad that u’re still here

It’s ur 19th birthday
Now u feel old
But age is just a number
Or so we are 2ld
So get a grip
Nd have lots of fun
4 life’s 4 living
When all’s said nd done
19th birthday

You are so special to me and I hope you enjoy this card, I hope you have a special day. Today is your day to do whatever you want and I hope all your dreams come true! Have a great day!

This birthday is a special one
You’re 19 today
I hope it’s packed with
Lots of Fun
And you dance the night away

Your future is as bright as the candles on your cake, birthday greetings to you

You’re getting older
And that is that
And as the years go by
You’ll have to fight the fat
Your knees will go
And your wrinkles will show
And you’ll get various problems
Down below
Your bones will creak
And you’ll start to get stiff
And if you don’t wash often
You’ll start to whiff
But come on now
It’s not all bad
You’re still alive
So just be glad
Happy 19th Birthday

It’s time to Partay! Hope you’re having an awesome dayHappy 19ty birthday

Time has gone quickly and now you’re 19 years old
You’re an original, you don’t fit in any mold
You can have it all in life, this I know for a fact
Happy 19th to someone who’s an around class act

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