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Happy 18th birthday sms, wishes, quotes & messages 2017

Happy 18th birthday sms, wishes, quotes & messages: We all wait for this day especially in our childhood time so a wonderful life is waiting specially for you because  life is full of happiness, success and potential, fun! Everyone truly deserves the best in the age of 18th. In this fast moving world, few kind words from your loved ones, Family member, friends on your birthday which can makes a lot of difference. Our website brings a special page of 18th Birthday Sms, wishes, quotes & messages special for you. You can find the sweet, cute happy birthday sms, wishes, quotes & messages, that you can dedicate to your loved ones, friends, Mother, father, Sister etc. Wish your loved ones for their special day from the list of our website page. I hope you would like this page.

Happy 18th birthday sms

As an 18-year-old, u r starting 2 gain Ur independence.
Dis could be an exhilarating thing 2 behold.
But b careful, u r still new at d whole adult thing.
Don’t rush in2 it. Enjoy Ur teenage years.
Happy 18th birthday!

Do not regret growing old people,
It’s a privilege denied 2 many.
Happy birthday, May u have many more.

Ur life is like a candle. U can eidr light up a thousand more candles or burn Urself and melt away. I’m sure u’ll choose d 4mer. Happy birthday!

I Hope U Have an Amazing Day Because U Are Amazing! Thinking of u on Ur birthday, and wishing u all d best! I hope it is as fantastic as u are, u deserve d best and nothing less

It’s Ur birthday time again;
It’s true; dre’s no denying,
Anodr year has come and gone;
U know dat I’m not lying. So 4 u,
d birthday person,
Here’s what I want 2 say in Birthday Wishes:
I hope dis birthday’s d best one yet,
In every delightful way.
So happy birthday 2 u.
Have lots of birthday

Happy 18th birthday wishes

I never wanted u 2 grow so quickly.
u hve always been our baby.
Now, u’re an appealing ung lady.
Best wishes on ur 18th birthday!

Ur smile, ur touch, D way U love me
I never knewuntil U
What a relationship could be.
So I celebrate u.
my love, My life

Happy Birthday my dearest
and sweetest,
not a day goes by when I do
not think of u and how
empty my life would be if u
were not here.

@” ” “@ a
(    o   ) CUTE
(@)_ “_(@) Bear…
Wishing u..
A great Life
Wid no worries….
No bad moods…

Its a nice feeling when u know that some1 likes u,
some1 thinks about u,
some1 needs u;
but it feels much better when u know that
some1 never ever 4gets ur birthday.

Happy 18th birthday quotes

What’s d use of turning 18 and officially becoming an adult if u still hve 2 wait 3 more years be4e u can drink? Sorry mate, Dre is no fun in becoming 18. Happy birthday.

look outside its so pleasant!
sun smiling 4 u,
tree dancing 4 u,
birds singing 4 u,
bcoz i requested them all 2 wish u:
happy birthday.\

Itz THE DaY Of CakEs N CandlEs..
SnOw N SoNgs..
CElebrAtions N DEcoRtions..
LaughtEr N Luv..
Itz Ur B”day!

******* */\*/\*/\********
*******    *\/*\/*\/********
*****   ***||*||*||********
*******   *||*||*||********
*******   *||*||*||********
*** ****   (—————)****
*******  (——Happy——)****
*** **(———Birthday———)****
***   (————————————)****
***(________________________)**** **************************** Wish You A Very Happy Birthday

May Life Lead You 2 Great Happiness
Success And Hope Dat
All Ur Wishes Come True!
Enjoy Ur Day
Happy Birthday Sweet Heart

Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai,
Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai,
Mubarak ho Aapko Naya Janam Din,
Tahe-Dil se Hmne ye Paigaam bheja hai !

Happy 18th birthday sms, wishes, quotes & messages

I can’t guarantee dat Ur life after 18 will be 2tally smooth. But as Ur friend, I guarantee dat I will alwazs stand by Ur side wheDr u are eighteen or eighty. Happy 18th

Before d clock strikes twelve let me take d opportunity 2 let u know dat u have grown a year more… Happy birthday

U were only crying when u were born
while everybody was laughing at u dre
As u live 2 blow a thousand candles,
live ur life humbly so dat
u would be d one laughing when u die
and everybody else would be crying.
Happy Birthday

I may not be by ur side..
Celebrating ur special day wid u..
But i want u 2 know
dat i am thinking of u
& wishing u
a wonderful birthday!

“Fly in d plane of ambition,
and land on d airport of success,
Luck is urs,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .
“Happy BIRTHDAY 2 U”.

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