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99+ 13th Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages

13th Birthday Wishes for Son or DaughterHello friends from this article we are providing you the good collections of 13th Birthday message and wishes. The 13th birthday is turning point for every boys and girls; it is represent the starting of the youthful years and the entire amazing thing, which approach with many things like, opinion, self conscious and study. So you will have to thoughtful that time when you are selected the 13th Birthday message and wishes. You must be entertaining or critical; lean on teenager’s behavior. From here you can download the 13th birthday message and wishes.
Happy Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages, Sayings for 13 Year Olds
Say No 2 drugs, Say Yes 2 cute hugs. Say No 2 alcohol, Say Yes 2 window shopping at d mall. Say No 2 stupid boyfriends, Say Yes 2 having lots of real friends. Say No 2 lies, Say Yes 2 family ties. Happy 13th birthday 2 our dear daughter.

Let us tell u something dat we wish we were 2ld wen we were teenagers – be urself, don’t try 2 imitate odrs nd never back down after a failure. Just remember dse golden words as u ace through ur teenage, we wish u d best as u turn life’s new page. Happy 13th birthday.

As prnt we couldn’t be more proud. As a new teenager, u rise above d crowd. As prnts we couldn’t be any more happier. As a new teenager, u r an idol 4 odrs. Happy 13th birthday.

Congratulations 4 officially getting d right 2 be annoying, rebellious nd irritating 4 d next seven years of ur life. Happy 13th birthday.

13th Birthday Messages
Welcome 2 d teens.
U’re not a kid anymore
Happy Coming of Age.
Happy 13th Birthday.

Birthday wish 2 twin brodr :
We grew up 2gedr nd reached thirteen,
2 know each odr better, we have always been keen.
Now, it’s time we really understnd each odr,
Because as twins, about each odr !!!
Happy 13th birthday dear !!!

Ur 13th birthday is a special one
Because u have grown up, my son!
Happy birthday is what I say 2 u
Nd ur daddy is really proud 2 have a son like u!

Growing up is a part of life
At times easy nd at times strife
Dis 13th birthday I wish u one thing,
May everyday of ur life, be a spring.
Happy 13th birthday!!!

Teenage can be d best or d worst phase of ur life depending on how u live it. Focus on ur studies, play 2 win, stick 2 ur goals nd don’t take on bad habits. Happy 13th birthday son.

U r no longer a little boy, bt u r not a big man yet. Bt wid good grades nd hard work, dre is nothing in life dat u can’t get. Happy 13th birthday son.

U were d cutest infant, d most adorable of all 2ddlers, d most eager preschooler nd d bubbliest preteen. If u keep going dis way, u will have a wonderful teenage nd bloom in2 a lovely ung adult. Happy 13th birthday.

This birthday is a special one
U’re 13 2day
I hope it’s packed wid
Lots of Fun
Nd u dance d night away
13th birthday

May all d precious moments
Dat set this day apart
Stay wid u long after
As keepsakes of d heart
Nd often through d future
May u relive in thought
D very many pleasures
Ur 13th birthday

How u will live ur life wen u r 31 depends a lot on how u live ur life wen u r 13. So work hard, get good grades nd be d best teenager d world has ever seen. Happy birthday.

Growing up is a part of life
At times easy nd at times strife
This 13th birthday I wish u one thing,
May everyday of ur life, be a spring.
Happy 13th birthday

U’re getting older
Nd dat is dat
Nd as d years go by
U’ll have 2 fight d fat
Ur knees will go
Nd ur wrinkles will show
Nd u’ll get various problems
Down below
Ur bones will creak
Nd u’ll start 2 get stiff
Nd if u don’t wash often
U’ll start 2 whiff
Bt come on now
It’s not all bad
U’re still alive
So just be glad
Happy 13th birthday

It has been a joy 2 watch u over d past 13 years. U have done many things 2 make us smile nd even more 2 make us proud. U r an awesome inspiration!

U’re 13th birthday
Seems d perfect time
2 say a word or two
Like have a birthday
Filled wid Fun
Nd be assured
We all Love U
Age 13 birthday

Congratulations 4 finally becoming a teenager bt remember dat u r still far away from being called an adult. Happy 13th birthday.

So u’ve advanced in2 ur 13th year
It’s time 4 us nd u 2 cheer
4 life is a blessing
We should all hold dear
So just be glad dat u’re still here

Teenage can be d best or d worst phase of ur life depending on how u live it. Focus on ur studies, play 2 win, stick 2 ur goals nd don’t take on bad habits. Happy 13th birthday son.

It’s ur 13th birthday
Now u feel old
Bt age is just a number
Or so we r 2ld
So get a grip
Nd have lots of fun
4 life’s 4 living
Wen all’s said nd done

On ur 13th birthday we wish 2 let u feel dat regardless of ur age, u would be our bundle of bliss 4ever, undulating in ur pyjamas nd thieving cndies from d jar. Wish u never become an adult 4 us! Wishing u a Happy 13th Birthday daughter!

Happy 13th birthday! Dre’s no denying it! U’re a teenager now, so u r ready 4 d most important thing in life: a smartphone.

“Dear Grnddaughter, it seems just a short time ago I got d call from ur mom dat u came 2 us nd were waiting 4 me 2 visit u in d hospital. How time flies. Stay away from d weirdos at school nd love nd value urself always. I love u. Happy 13th Birthday”

“U’re growing in2 a nice ung man. I know this time of life can be confusing, bt u seem 2 know how 2 hndle it nd dat makes me proud. Keep up d good work, son. Happy 13th Birthday! Wid love from ur dad”.

Happy 13th Birthday 2 my best friend. I am always so happy 2 see dat u’ve held a place 4 me in line or have a space 4 me next 2 u at d lunch table. I trust u wid all my secrets. U r my very special friend nd I hope we stay dat way 4ever”.

Yo, bro! Happy 13th Birthday. U’re d coolest friend ever, even if u r a btt-head. Seriously, man, I don’t know anyone else who is a friend like u. I hope u have a great day”.

If dre was one wish I had 4 u this 13th birthday, I’d wish 4 u 2 stay ung. Staying ung means being positive, open-minded nd innocent at heart. Don’t let anything get u down. I know u will do a lot 2 help d world. U’re a special person”

Happy 13th birthday! U’re traveling through anodr dimension, a dimension not only of acne nd anxiety bt of voice change; a journey in2 a wondrous lnd whose boundaries r dat of puppy love. Ur next s2p…d Adolescence Zone.

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