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Happy 40th birthday Wishes

Happy 40th birthday Wishes: Hello friends by this article we are providing to you the best collections of 40th birthday messages and wishes. The 40th age may believe the most important desire in their life and also 40th age brought a new thing of life. Nevertheless, celebrating it special day can create it enjoy full and entertaining for the special and obtain them to see ahead to their next decade. The 40th age is great age to do something significant with their life. The collection of messages will help you of what to say in 40th Birthday to your relatives, friends, mother and father and you can also help to write something good thing in 40th Birthday card. Here you can download the 40th Birthday messages.

Happy 40th birthday Wishes

Be grateful dat u are where u are now.
Continue 2 have faith in urself nd power
Through d rest of d coming years ahead.
Happy 40th birthday!

U definitely don’t look a day over 20!
40 agrees wid u nd I hope d next 40 will agree as well.
Stay fabulous nd may u have
More celebrations of ur amazing self 2 come!
Happy birthday!

Don’t mind how old u are
Nd just count d accomplishments
U’ve achieved through d years!
Happy 40th Birthday!

D 40th is a very special occasion 4 1 reason,
D world has been blessed wid ur inspiring presence 4 40 years now.
I wish u continue 2 light up our world
Nd dat u remain as humble as u are now.
Happy 40th birthday

U are ruining d perception of people about 40-year-olds.
U can’t be 40 nd look as amazing as dat!
But keep doing what u’re doing
Because it keeps u ung nd fabulous.
Have a happy birthday

May every unfulfilled dream of urs during d past four decades come true. Happy 40th Birthday! So it’s ur 40th birthday Four decades have gone nd passed. Dy say when u get older, Time goes twice as fast. I wish u Happy Birthday I wish u all d best

Sure, ur 30s are over. Good riddance, I say. D 40s are going 2 be so much better…in every way. So enjoy ur 40th!

Say goodbye, adieu, adios, arrivederci, cheerio, sayonara, au revoir, so long 2 ur 30s. May dy rest in peace! Say hello, howdy, bonjour, buenos dias, what’s up 2 40! Long live d 40s. Happy 40th birthday!

D older u get, d unger u look 4 ur age. At dis rate, u’re going 2 soon start getting carded at bars nd casinos.

Have fun on your special day and fill your day with the things you love most. Enjoy celebrating your 40th birthday

The 40th birthday is just another start of a journey of the earth around the sun. Relax and enjoy the next round!

I actually wanted to send something nice, cool and sweet for your 40th birthday, but I did not fit in the envelope!

Happy 40th birthday to the best friend I could imagine. Thanks alot that you are here for me now and for the next 40 years to come!

Happy 40th birthday! Another year closer to grey hair, wrinkles and pain in the back.

Being 40 is not as bad as I thought it would be! You’re sharper than 30, and fitter than 50. You might as well enjoy it while you can. Happy 40th Birthday!

Another year older, smarter, wiser, more mature… Ha-ha-ha, who am I kidding? I can’t even say it with a straight face. Happy 40th Birthday!

Forty is fabulous. You should truly be proud of all you have accomplished. Have a wonderful 40th Birthday!

40 It’s the only age that you’re a baby again and start your life from scratch. Hope you always be so enthusiastic and joyful as you are in your 40th Birthday.

Life’s milestones aren’t supposed to be counted… they’re supposed to be celebrated. Happy 40th.

Forty is when you will finally realize why your mum and dad were so cranky when they were in their forties. Happy birthday.

Turning forty is all about reaching some of life’s peaks…. including the peak of midlife crises, peak of your kids’ teeny tantrums, peak of marital problems and peak of turbulence at work. Good luck!

FORTY – Flirty, Optimistic, Risky, Teasing and Youthful. This is the secret to feeling young even when you are forty years old. Happy birthday.

Congratulations for turning forty. The average life expectancy is about 80 years so you have lived half of your life already. How does it feel? Happy birthday.

Every crisis has an opportunity in disguise. For all you know, your midlife crisis may also have a brilliant opportunity for you in store. So stop sulking about turning forty and let’s party. Happy birthday.

All your life you strived to become mature and wise. Forty is the time to enjoy the fruits of this journey by being wild and carefree. Happy birthday.

Wine gets better with age but ultimately it starts tasting sour. So stop kidding yourself that you are getting better, when you are actually getting old. Happy 40th birthday.

Be happy that you are still 3,650 days away from turning fifty. Maybe this is the only way you can console yourself about turning forty. Happy 40th birthday.

Forty is the beginning of the best phase of your life, NOT. Happy birthday.

Forty – the beginning of the last few decades of your life. How does that feel? Happy birthday.

Everyone will tell you that you look half your age. But as your friend it is my responsibility to tell you the honest truth – you are not turning any younger. Happy 40th.

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Happy 50th birthday Wishes

Happy 50th birthday Wishes: The 50th Birthday is one of the amazing and special parts for everyone life. On the 50th birthday people achieving their half century of life, which is the best success, in this age they have come far in their life and people get experience and wisdom to others people. This is the very great journey of their life. Some people are suffered from health problem and it is also an age where people are inclined to try to incline up their savings as they look forward to their retirement. Here you can download the happy 50th birthday messages. You can select the best messages by which you will say to happy 50th birthday to love someone.

Happy 50th birthday Wishes

Since zero has no value, u have actually become a 2ddler nd turned five. Happy 50th birthday.

Being fifty is like living in a penthouse. U get the most amazing view of ur life nd still have a lot of time left 2 have fun nd enjoy. Happy 50th birthday.

Now dat u have turned fifty, u are officially allowed 2 be 4getful, have selective memory nd only remember the things u want. Happy birthday.

Being beautiful at eighteen years of age is not a big deal. But being as stunning as u are at fifty, is definitely nothing short of a miracle. Happy 50th birthday beautiful.

The English call it 50. The Spanish call it cincuenta. The Chinese call it Wushi. I call it old. Happy Birthday!

Look back at life nd think about the good old days. Time will fly, things will change, but those memories will always stay. Happy birthday.

Until now u may have measured life’s worth wid bank accounts nd salaries, but now u will realize dat nothing is more important than family. Happy 50th birthday.

Cheers 2 u on ur 50th birthday! Ur arms may be turning in2 bat wings but don’t let dat s2p u from putting on ur party dress nd dancing wid ur arms raised high.

Happy birthday! Congratulations on dis miles2ne nd whatever u do, celebrate in style. If u’re feeling old, just remember dat 50 is the new 40!

Congratulations champion, u have made it through half a century of ur life! I’m so proud of u. Time 2 welcome the next 5 decades now, so let’s do it wid music nd cake! Happy 50th Birthday

Dear Friend,
We Love You So Much And Appreciate The Fact
That You Have Lived To Celebrate
Your 50th Birthday,
May You Live To Grow Toothless,
May You Celebrate And Enjoy Your Birthday
To The Fullest.

Hey Honey It Is Indeed Wonderful
That You Are Celebrating Your 50th Birthday With Me,
May All Your Dreams Come True
I Love You So Much And
Wish You All The Best In Life.

You’ve reached such a milestone in your life.
Reaching 50 years is really a huge deal.
Take this time to recount all the blessings you have received in life.
And at the same time the chances for you to look forward to the next years ahead.
Happy birthday!

Happy 50th birthday!
I hope that the next half-century of your life
will be as amazing as your first half.

A good person, a great mentor and at the same time, a loving grandfather
You are carrying this quality, that’s why you are the only one for me.
I wish you an amazing 50th happy birthday for you.

How does it feel to be in your mid-20s the second time around?
I wish you continue to stay young at heart and
always inspire those around you.
Happy 50th birthday!

At 50, you’re mature, confident, accomplished, and marvelous. It may have taken 50 years for you to become who you are…but I have to say, I’m glad you did! Happy Birthday!

A birthday riddle for a fun 50-year-old: What’s aged, vibrant, and full bodied? You are! You were almost right…Wine was the second answer! Happy Birthday

You’ve seen or experienced a lot of wonderful things after a half century of living. Hope you keep doing the same. Happy 50th Birthday

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing. Happy 50th Birthday

It’s your birthday, so don’t feel down,
Don’t think bad stuff and frown,
Your life should be filled with mirth,
Just look what you’ve done since your birth.
Happy 50th Birthday

To the world’s most talented person that I know. Happy 50th birthday
You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing. Happy 50th Birthday!

You’ve reached such a milestone in your life.
Reaching 50 years is really a huge deal.
Take this time to recount all the blessings you have received in life.
And at the same time the chances for you to look forward to the next years ahead.
Happy birthday

Now that you’re 50, you can really let the good times roll. Happy 50th birthday.

You know those dreams you’ve putting off? Well, it’s time to get on the dance floor, do what you have to do and show the world your best moves. Happy 50th birthday

Happy 50th Birthday! 50 is the only age that you’re feeling the youth again and start your life over again.

I love you more than you’ll ever see, more than my heart could ever show, I love you more than you’ll ever know.
Happy Birthday, Dear!

To the world’s most talented person that I know. Happy 50th birthday

You’ve seen or experienced a lot of wonderful things after a half century of living. Hope you keep doing the same. Happy 50th Birthday

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Happy 70th birthday Wishes

Happy 70th birthday Wishes: from this article we are providing to you stunning 70th birthday messages. Suitable behaviors on a loved one’s 70th birthday lean on the people and what kind of consideration they want. A 70th birthday is a milestone admirable of celebrations and a party is appropriate way to honor the people. How proper or relaxed the party must be depends on the guest of honor. Here you can download the best messages to wish someone seventieth, whether this are your mom, dad, colleague, grandmother and grandfather by this message you can encourage them to continue on living life.

Happy 70th birthday Wishes

When u turn seventy or eighty, no matter how old u get, u will always be d hero dad who lifted his little daughter on his shoulder every time she tugged at his pants. I love u dad, happy 70th birthday.

D irony of a seventieth birthday is dat d cake is large enough 2 hold seventy cndles bt u aren’t allowed 2 eat more than a slice. Happy 70th birthday.

At seventy, d best policy is 2 see how far u have come radr than seeing how far u still have 2 go. Happy birthday

Ur wrinkles look so beautiful, d mellowness in ur personality looks so graceful, ur timid expressions are so joyful nd ur wisdom is so powerful – it is hard 2 explain in words. Happy 70th birthday

D real escapade of life doesn’t begin at twenty when u can travel d world, bt at seventy when u can hardly even travel 2 d bathroom. Happy 70th birthday

U have inspired many people.
Everything about u will always be remembered
nd a lot of us are celebrating for ur birthday.
We all wish u d best.
Happy 70th Birthday!

Happy 70th Birthday!
I wish u all d best, not just for 2day, bt for always!
Enjoy ur special day nd continue
on making our lives a bit brighter every day.

U are a very special person nd it is an honor
2 know u nd be a part of ur life.
U have seen many days both good nd bad nd still come out strong
enough 2 celebrate ur 70th birthday.
May God grant u more years 2 enjoy.
Happy 70th birthday.

On dis special occasion of ur 70th birthday
I want 2 let u know dat I feel blessed
dat u have come dis far,
nd my prayer is dat u will have many more birthdays
Happy birthday 2 u.

Seventy years are not enough for someone like u 2 spread all d happiness nd love u possibly can. It will take many more decades 2 spread out ur wings nd shower all ur limitless love on everyone around u. Happy 70th birthday.

I thank you for raising me
For loving me and for teaching me your ways
And I wish you all the love in the world
On this, your 70th birthday

Dad, we love you so very much
And we’re here to help you handle
A 70th birthday full of excitement
And 70 big candles

I’m here to say happy 70th
To the man that taught me how to love
And I’ll be here for the rest of your life
To give you warmth, and laughter, and hugs.

70 years has come and gone
Since my dad was born on this earth
And not a single day goes by
When I don’t think about his worth.

I love my dad more than life itself
And respect him above all other men
Today he turns 70 years old
And I’m here to say happy birthday again.

If you were asked to blow 70 candles, imaging how many hours it would have taken you.
Happy 70th birthday.

Just three more decades for a hundred,
Are you glad or dreaded?
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Lung exercise is now a must,
So that your life you can trust!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Now that you are seventy,
You should keep yourself healthy!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Decline your liking for food that is junk,
If you don’t improve, you may land up being a punk!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Spare some time for meditation,
You’ll soul will go through rejuvenation!!!Happy 70th Birthday!

Buy one problem and you’ll get one free,
So now do you get it, problems aren’t meant for thee!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

The cloud, the grass, the flowers and the tree,
Now seems to you like a family!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

News channel all day you may watch,
You may not even bother you own a Rado or a Swatch!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

I know you don’t own a heart that’s faint,
So why the beautiful days you don’t paint?
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

You want your heart to rest at peace,
And find all the days and all moments of ease!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

You carved a path for yourself so far,
Indeed you are a true Rockstar!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!

Take up some music lessons if you wish,
Why let your days squish?
Happy 70th Birthday

You are a fruit that’s totally ripe,
So your knowledge, is now your stipe!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

You may forget things very quickly,
But still you can get things thickly!!!
Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Your kids may be big enough to get married,
That does not imply you are old enough to be buried!!!
Happy 70th Birthday

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Happy 80th birthday Wishes

Happy 80th birthday Wishes: The 80th birthday this is the special moment of life that they are celebrating their 80th birthday. This is the age when people get old and they want to more living life and want to fun of their life. On this age people become like a child. They behave like a child and do something for like that. Some people are suffered a health problem. From here you can download the best messages for your mother, father, grandmother and grandfather and you can also choose the best messages for birthday card.

Happy 80th birthday Wishes

Ur hair may be white,
But ur eyes are still bright,
Nd ur smile can light up a room.

U are pearls nd lace,
Full of beauty nd grace,
Nd ur fairness outshines d moon.
Wishing u much joy on this ur 80th Birthday!

Dre is a well deep within
From which living waters flow.
In some it’s hidden just 2o deep
For anyone 2 know.

But odrs cannot hide d light
Of d sparkling stream within.
It is ur spirit that so many love
Nd it never will be dimmed.
Happy 80th Birthday 2 a Beautiful Soul!

Laughter nd light,
Wisdom so right,
Truth nd beauty nd love.
Dse are d things
That ur presence brings
All gifts from d dear Lord aboveHappy Birthday! U are 80 years ung

2day u celebrate 80 years of a remarkable life,
A life full of hopes nd dreams, joy nd tears.
May all of ur 2morrows be happy, nd
May all of ur dreams come true!

Happy Birthday! U are 80 years ung.
When u look back nd wonder where all of d time has gone,
Remember that u helped shape his2ry nd be proud.
Here’s wishing u many more years of happiness ahead.

Happy Birthday dear friend nd best wishes 2 u
For a happy 80th birthday that lasts all year through.
On most days of d year u are d one who inspires
But 2day on ur 80th birthday u are d one we all admire.

U’re 80 years old 2day
So have a great time enjoying ur day.
Happy 80th Birthday nd remember that u
Are d one 2 be waited on, let us cater 2 u.

Birthdays come nd birthdays go
But on ur 80th birthday u are definitely stealing d show.

Happy birthday! Time definitely flies when
u’re having d time of ur life.
I bet u can’t believe u’re already 80.
I definitely can’t
u look nd act so ung for ur age.

When you were just a little child
On your birthdays you went wild
So now that you have just turned 80
Once again, let’s go crazy

Happy Birthday after 80 years
You’ve lived through sunshine, rain and tears
It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by
Here’s to more from your friend by your side

You make 80 years seem young
There isn’t much you haven’t done
I’m proud to call myself your friend
Let’s hope these good times never end

On your 80th birthday
I’d like to take the time to say
That I think you’re beyond great
So now let’s get to the cak

80 years young today
I hope you always stay this way
So full of laughter, joy and light
When you’re here things seem alright
I’m happy when you’re around
You pick me up when I’m down
So know that I’m here for you
Because we’ve got so much more to do

80 years old I can’t believe
You’ve always got something up your sleeve
You bring fun when there’s gloom
Your smile just lights up the room

You don’t same 80 years old at all
In my mind you’re young and tall
You’ve spent your life being kind
And you’re such a special find<

Wishing you “Happy 80th birthday” seems so wrong to me since you’re as timelessly
beautiful as a flawless diamond Have a very special day!

Happy birthday! Blowing out every one of your 80 birthday candles could turn
diHappy 80th birthday! Thank goodness you don’t have to blow out all 80 candles of you — we could be here all day.

Happy birthday! You’re finally 80, so it’s only fair to give you the respect and consideration you deserve at your age. Regrettably,
life has never been very fair.

Thank God you didn’t have to blow 80 candles. It could take a whole day to do so.
You deserve everybody’s honor for being such an inspirational and full of wisdom personality. Happy 80th Bday!

You are getting 80 years today. Happy Birthday. I would damnd a recount since you are looking much younger!

Congratulations on your 80th Birthday! If someone says that you’re getting old, then throw your teeth after him and hit him with your walking stick!

Congratulations for the coolest grandpa a grandson can expect. I’d love to spend much more time with you. All the best for your 80th Birthday!

For your 80th birthday I wish you lots of gifts, a good time with your familiy, health and that you all dreams and wishes come true.

All the best for the 80th Birthday for the best grandma in the world, which makes the world’s best apple pie!

The 80th Birth is the start to a further circling of the earth around the sun. Enjoy the next round!

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Happy 80th Birthday messages

Happy birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy birthday wishes for aunt: Wish your aunties very happy returns of the day a very Happy Birthday on his birthday. Here we are representing the collection of aunt birthday wishes. You can send to birthday wishes on your auntie’s birthday. On this day niece and nephew you can celebrate your auntie’s birthday with a best and wonder full party and makes feel happy. You can express your bond of love with your aunt. Enjoy this day with your family and specially aunt.

Happy birthday wishes for aunt

2 d best aunt in d world, may God continue 2 bless u with all d desires of ur heart, happy birthday!

Dear aunty, anodr year has passed in2 Ur life, nd dis also means that u have become even wiser nd stronger. Here’s wishing u many jous years ahead, Happy Birthday

My wish 4 u is happiness nd that u get a taste of all good things. My wish is 4 u 2 have a wonderful life nd all that it shall bring! Happy Birthday, Auntie

Do not worry about how old u are u turning 2day , d important thing is that u are here with us one more year nd we are very grateful 4 that. May u be very happy 2day on ur birthday, dear aunt

I am very happy 2 celebrate ur birthday by ur side. U are a very special person 2 me nd I hope u can celebrate many more years nd that we ate with u 2 join u in d celebration

Thanks 4 teaching me that an aunt-niece relationship can go way beyond family reunions, weekend barbecues nd Thanksgiving dinners. Happy birthday.

My aunt is an important pillar in my life’s structure – d only one who is rigid enough 2 bear a heavy burden yet flexible enough 2 allow me a lot of fun. Happy birthday.

U are somebody I can turn 2 in sorrow nd grief; somebody I can trust at d time I feel lonely nd broken; someone who can lend me a shoulder 2 cry on; nd someone who shall always stay by my side. Happy Birthday, aunt!

I have a special corner in my heart; I only let those in, who are special. I think dre should not be any doubt about d fact that u are a permanent resident of that corner. Happy Birthday, aunt!

Do not worry about how old u are u turning 2day , d important thing is that u are here with us one more year nd we are very grateful 4 that. May u be very happy 2day on ur birthday, dear aunt

” God has blessed u with anodr year of life, nd d whole family is ready 2 celebrate ur birthday nd u deserve it. I want u 2 have d best birthday in d world, I love u dear aunt.”

Happy birthday to the aunt who spreads joy everywhere she goes, and in the life of every person she knows.

Dear aunt… I may have inherited my mom’s grace and my dad’s intelligence. But I’ve inherited your ability to make the best of what I have. Happy birthday.

You should write a book called… Being The Coolest Aunt for Dummies. Happy birthday.

Dear aunt… You are a parent minus the fighting, sibling minus the blaming, friend minus the betraying, mentor minus the obliging and a guide minus the preaching. Happy birthday.

I love you but my mom hates you… because you spoil me rotten. Happy birthday.

I’ve never missed having grandparents because I’ve always had you to spoil me rotten. Happy birthday.

Although you are much elder to me, I never understood the meaning of the phrase generation gap because you have always been a friend to me. Happy birthday to my favorite aunt.

Dear aunt… thanks for being the parent who I can share all my secrets with. Happy birthday.

Hi… this is to remind you that as my aunt you are officially allowed to spoil me and as your niece I am officially allowed to tell you all my secrets. Happy birthday.

Dear aunt, you are the mom that never scolds and the best friend who never betrays. Happy birthday.

Dear aunt… the best part is that our relationship doesn’t depend on the grades I get because you love me regardless. Happy birthday.

Dear aunt… even all my BFFs put together can’t match your presence in my life. Happy birthday.

I can’t wait until you have kids… because I want to be an amazing aunt to my niece or nephew, just like you have been an amazing aunt to us. Happy birthday.

The only reason I was never scared to make mistakes when I was young is because I knew that you would always be there to defend me in front of mom and dad. Happy birthday to the best aunt ever.

Dear aunty, may your birthday be as beautiful and as special as you are! Happy Birthday

On your birthday dear aunt, I wish that you will receive more than what you have asked for. Happy Birthday!

Aunty, thank you so much for all the love and support. We will be forever grateful for all the great things you have done to our life. Happy Birthday!

‘Dear aunty, the word “generation gap” will definitely not work for us. For you have never behaved in a way that I will feel the age difference between us. Thank you for being my best friend and my partner in crime. Happy Birthday

I am so happy to celebrate your birthday with you, dear aunt. You are a special person to me and I wish you many more birthdays to come! I love you, happy birthday!

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