99+ 20th Birthday Wishes– Happy Birthday SMS text Messages, Quotes 2017

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages:  Here we are represent you some information and wishes of 20th birthday. On 20th age you became a bid adult. Many youngsters are attending college and face the problems. If you have any friends, relative cousin so here we have a collection of 20th birthday wishes so you can select any and send to someone. I wish you would like this blog so enjoy it.

99+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes and SMS

Dre is no need 2 be a psychic in order 2 predict dat Ur 20th Birthday party will be d second (21st first) most awesome party ever. Happy 20th Birthday!

20 is just d natural number following 19 nd preceding 21. Dre is nothing wrong wid it. Happy 20th Birthday!

Wishing u genius 4 d rest of ur life! If u start noticing dat u’ve begun saying d same things dat ur prnts did wen u were ung, u’ve truly reached 20. Haha!

At 20, if u see a strnd of black hair, consider it 2 be a black hair of maturity. If u notice a soft wrinkle under ur eyes, consider it 2 be a wrinkle of wisdom nd if u notice a shadow always lurking behind u, consider it’s me watching over u! Happy 20th Happy Birthday

At 40 life begins! U r halfway. Way 2 go!
Hope ur 20’s 2 be as awesome as ur last 10 years!Happy 20th Birthday

Birthdays r good 4 u. Statistics show dat d people who have d most live d longest. Happy 20th birthday

Wishing u a very warm welcome 2 d second decade of urs.
A brnd new decade is waiting 4 u. What more could u ask 4? Happy 20th B-Day!
U r not 20. U r just a 10 year old kid wid 10 years of experience

My wish 4 u is simple 2 say but not so easy 2 do: I hope u live a full life…full of joy nd wonder, full of loving family nd, finally, full of trustworthy friends. Happy 20th!

At 20, so many exciting things come ur way. It’s okay — even cool — 2 be excited about life! Enjoy every second of dis year! Happy 20th birthday!

Dis is d official license 2 go 2tally mad on ur 20th birthday. Have a great nd long party.

It’s ur 19th birthday Now u feel old
But age is just a number..Or so we r 2ld
So get a grip..Nd have lots of fun
4 life’s 4 living..Wen all’s said nd done

Twenty years old, u’re not a teen now
Leaving mom nd dad, I thought u’d never learn how
But enough wid d jokes, u’re my bright light of hope
Happy birthday my friend, all d way till d end

Hey dre buddy, wanna hear something funny?
4 ur twentieth birthday, I got u a big pot of honey
It’s sweeter than sun shine, nd brighter than summer time
But 4 a friend like u, I’ll get stung all of d time

As u get older u learn
D years pass like molasses, nd algebra classes
D time flies wen it’s fun, as we circle d sun
Nd d older u get, d more u 4get
But in my fiftieth year, I’ll still feel like u’re near
Happy twentieth birthday, it’s all downhill from here

U’re not longer a teen, no more being a drama queen
Twenty’s d time, 4 ur true colors 2 shine
Because u’re 2o ung 2 know that u’re 2o old 2 whine
Nd u’re not even of age, I can’t pour u a glass
But over virgin martini’s we’ll make a 2ast
Have d best twentieth birthday, u silly old goat

I’m glad that u’re my special guy
Nd dre’s a million reasons why
20 years old 2day
Nd just so great in every way

Odr girls might str at u
But 2 me u’re always true
So take me in2 ur arms
So I can feel ur special charm
20 years is not that old
U make my blood run hot, not cold

20 years old u have turned
If dre’s one thing bout’ u I’ve learned
U’re always nice, u’re always kind
I’m so thankful u r mine

Ur 20 now… hard 2 believe
Nd now that u r here wid me
Blow out ur cndles right away
Because 2day is just ur day

20 years old, u’re now all grown
Nd if dre’s one thing that u’ve shown
It’s that u’re a special guy
Nd dre r many reasons why

4 20 years, I’ve watched u grow,
Mature, nd get much smarter.
But, son, don’t ask 4 d keys 2 d car,
4 that would be a real “non-starter.”

U’re 20, son, so we need 2 go
On our fadr-son hunting excursion.
We’ll sit dre nd chat,
Nd we’ll ambush a deer.
Now, how’s that 4 fun nd diversion?

At two, son, ’twas I who taught u 2 walk.
At three, son, ’twas I who taught u 2 talk.
At 18, I taught u 2 study hard at college.
U’re 20 now, so u thank me
4 all that free knowledge.

U’re 20, son,
Nd ur teen years r done.
U’ve reached a real miles2ne 2day.
We knew u would make it.
We knew u’d survive.
That old rabbit’s foot
We’ll finally throw away.

Twenty years back, u were born in a shack,
Nd u grew up in poverty nd squalor.
But u fought ur way out, learned what life’s all about,
So we’ll give u this proud birthday holler-
“Happy 20th birthday, son!”

4 20 years, we’ve loved u, son,
Nd grown prouder of u every day.
Ur modr nd I never cease 2 give thanks
2 God 4 u, son, wen we pray.

Ur 20th year is a sunrise year,
Nd ur whole life’s be4e u, my son.
U’re studying hard 2 get that degree,
But don’t 4get 2 have a little fun.

We wish u God’s best
On ur 20th year.
We’re ur fadr nd modr.
Don’t 4get that we’re here.
We’ll always be here 4 u, son,
If u need us.
Nd we hope, wen we get really old,
that u’ll feed us.

Hey I’m not saying u’re old… I’m just saying that if u were milk, I’d smell u be4e I poured u on my cereal. Happy 20th!

Dy says love is all u need… So I 4got 2 buy a birthday present. Happy 20th Birthday!

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Happy 21st Birthday Messages: Wishes and Sayings 2017

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes And Greetings : Everyone knows the birthday is the special occasion for all peoples. On this day everyone organize the parties, some celebrate in their house and some peoples organize party in Hotels. Here we have a latest collection of Wishes of 21st Birthday. So here you can download and send to your friends and you can write wishes on greeting card and send to birthday party.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Mesagges, Text SMS

Ur bid day is here! As u turn 21, I hope dat u have the best day ever, 2gether wid ur family nd friends. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st birthday! 2day is considered as a special day 4 u, But actually, every day 4 the past 21 years has been special, because u exist in this world. Enjoy ur day as much as everyone enjoys life wid u in it.

U are now one step in2 ur 20s. This is the time 4 u 2 figure out what u want 2 do in life, But at the same time, it’s the time 4 u 2 make mistakes 2 learn from. Don’t waste this decade. Be ung, be wild, nd be free, but learn how 2 be responsible as well. Happy 21st birthday!

The most important year in ur life comes now. Enjoy ur life by doing those things dat gives u happiness. Remember, we are here 4 u always. Happy 21st birthday 2 u!

Turning 21 has so many perks. U can enter a club, vote nd gamble legally now, u can also move out of the house nd start living on ur own, nd most of all, no one can s2p u from drinking dat beer or champagne anymore! Happy 21st birthday, friend. Have a blast!

No matter how old u grow, I won’t s2p looking after u. After all, u have a reputation 4 being a bit reckless. Happy 21st birthday my little bro/sis! Have a blast!

Now dat u are legal 2 do so many things, remember 2 use this freedom wisely. Getting 2o drunk is the leading cause of un4gettable humiliation. Have a wonderful 21st! Happy birthday!

The entire world is on ur feet now. U can legally do whatever u want. Now u can include alcohol in ur parties, if u haven’t done so already. Happy 21st Birthday!

From there 2 here, from here 2 there, funny things are everywhere. Happy 21st Birthday 2 my best friend. I’ll be wid u until the end

Dear Friend,
Wish You A Happy 21st Birthday.
May You Enjoy Your Celebrations To The Fullest,
May You Live To Blow Up
To One Thousand Candles
In One Thousand Years
We All Love You So Much.

When I turned 21, the times were simpler, slowerand boooring! Today, 21 is your ticket to a new and exciting world. It’s time to celebrate! Happy 21st birthday!

May your 21st birthday be even more wonderful than you ever expected. If there’s anyone who deserves a truly special day, it’s someone as special as you.

When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up, be an adult and do whatever you wanted. Today, you’re 21, all grown up, an adult and able to do whatever you want.  Now what?

There is no need to be a psychic in order to predict that your 21st Birthday party will be the most awesome party ever. Happy 21st !

The best is yet to come — now that you can drink and gamble from now on. Happy 21st birthday!

May all your 21st birthday wishes come true, even the drunken ones. Happy 21st birthday!

Don’t count the years! Just count on your 21st birthday wishes coming true! Happy 21st birthday!

This brings a birthday greeting
and a wish for nothing less
than good luck in the future
and special happiness.
on your
21st Birthday

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.

Today is special because you’re 21
Today brings a chance
to look towards the future
new dreams, new successes.
To a bright new tomorrow
waiting for YOU!
Many Congratulations
on your
Special Day

No one could be prouder
in all the world to me,
I’ve got the loveliest Granddaughter
that there could ever be.
Since the day that you were born
I’ve had this sense of pride
everyone can see it
when you are by my side.
And on your 21st Birthday
all I have to say,
Is ‘thank you’ for all the happiness
you have sent my way.
Happy 21st Birthday

Lovely girlfriend, I send beautiful gifts for you and wish you a happy 21st birthday. You have grown up to be a beautiful lady and I am sending the best gift for a lovel

To my girlfriend, I send my advance 21st birthday wishes for you and wish you celebrate well. I send you gifts for you to make you feel special today.

To my girlfriend, I wish you a happy 21st birthday celebration. As you turn 21 years, I hope you have the grandest celebration in store for the day to celebrate the special day.

Don’t think of your license as just a legal document that says you’re 21….Think of it as a permission slip to get your party on! Happy Birthday!

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll learn that these things have value for a 21 year old: Reading – You need to be able to read labels on bottles of all types! Count shots. Figure out the geographic location of every bar in town. And, especially how not to have a hangover two days in a row. You almost never want history to repeat itself! Happy 21st Birthday, Scholar!!

OFFICIALLY AGE: 21 I think when you turn 21, you should get a special ID that says, “That’s right, I’m 21, suckers! Card me! I dare ya!” “‘Cause that’s what you’re thinking. Don’t act like you’re not. Happy 21st!”

21st birthday is a way of saying that you are officially young now.
And, that you can do whatever to you want,
Wish you a super 21st birthday!

Have some fun,
Let the party begin,
Have some fun tonight
Because the number is 21,
Happy 21st birthday to you!

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99+ 19th Birthday Wishes– Happy Birthday Messages Quotes and SMS 2017

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes: Hello friends from this article we are providing to you the superb collection of 19th birthday messages and wishes. The 19th age of that time of life by which teenagers get learn to man y things from their life we can say that somewhere teenager life is being got finished, in 19 age they get understand the value of money and just how valuable everything. They have gone from the motionless mental nature of immaturity, in which every day is delighted like the next, and are at the time continually opinion of what’s in store up for further, the birthday is special day for every 19th age’s girls and boys. So from here you can download the 19th birthday message by which you can wish the 19th birthday in positive way.

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Quotes and Sayings

Enjoy ur teen years be4e dy’re through
Here’s wishing u success in all u do
U’re an original, truly one of a kind
I’m hoping 4 u all d joy u can find
Happy 19th birthday

Some would say u’re at an awkward stage
U’re an adult, but not at d 21 age
But I know whatever u do u’ll do just fine
U show what a great kid u are all d time
Dat’s why wishing u only good things is easy 2 do
Have a fantastic 19th birthday; all d best 2 u

U’re ung nd fun
Life has just begun
Of Life make d most
2 u I make a 2ast
Happy 19th birthday

Dre are so many options ahead 2 choose
U’ll find success no matter what u do
So go ahead nd give it all u’ve got
Remember we’ll always love u a lot
Nd this is what we’re sending ur way
Best wishes 4 a happy 19th birthday

Ur whole life is ahead, d best is yet 2 come
Dre are so many paths dat u can choose from
Whatever comes ur way, whatever d test
I’m confident dat u’ll always do ur best
Happy 19th birthday nd many more
Only d best 4 u is in s2re

Ur journey through life has started well
Where u’ll end up only time will tell
But this I tell u is certainly d truth
U’re full of promise, vitality, nd uth
Whatever u may do, wherever u may go
Dre’s one more thing I want u 2 know
I’m wishing u d best 4 ur 19th year
U’re someone who is 2 me so very dear

Hurray! Now u’re 19!
U’re now entering d portal 2 adulthood.
Relax, chill, have fun nd enjoy.
Life has still a lot 2 offer many days from now.
Have a sweet ride 2day!

I wish u d courage 2 grab all d opportunities dat will come by u
Nd I wish u d perseverance 2 live ur life 2 d fullest.
Happy 19th birthday!

As an 19-year-old, u are starting 2 gain ur independence.
This could be an exhilarating thing 2 behold.
But be careful, u are still new at d whole adult thing.
Don’t rush in2 it. Enjoy ur teenage years.
Happy 19th birthday!

Sometimes it is so hard 2 believe dat u’ve reached adulthood!
Time flies by so fast. One minute, u’re this clueless kidd
Nd now, u’ve turned 19!
I hope u have an exciting year ahead of u,
Nd dat u make d most out of being 19.
Happy birthday!

Some may say u’re 2o ung 2 understnd
D seriousness of life nd all its demnds
But this is something about u I surely know
U’ll make d most of urself wherever u go
Happy 19th birthday, we’re thinking of u
Good luck nd best wishes in all that u do

Take it from me, I know u’ll do great things
U’ll hndle with class everything life brings
Work hard, but make sure 2 have fun along d way
Here’s wishing u a wonderful 19th birthday

Time has gone quickly nd now u’re 19 years old
U’re an original, u don’t fit in any mold
U can have it all in life, this I know 4 a fact
Happy 19th 2 someone who’s an around class act

On this special day, U’re an adult,finding ur way,When u were small, It was only yesterday, Now,It seems overnight, u’ve grown strong nd tall,Happy 19th birthday!

U’re ung nd fun,U are an adult, but not at d 31 age,Life has just begun, Happy 19th birthday.

This birthday is a special one
U’re 19 2day
I hope it’s packed with
Lots of Fun
Nd u dance d night away
19th birthday

May all d precious moments
That set this day apart
Stay with u long after
As keepsakes of d heart
Nd often through d future
May u relive in thought
D very many pleasures
Ur 19th birthday has brought

u’re 19th birthday
Seems d perfect time
2 say a word or two
Like have a birthday
Filled with Fun
Nd be assured
We all Love U

So u’ve advanced in2 ur 19th year
It’s time 4 us nd u 2 cheer
4 life is a blessing
We should all hold dear
So just be glad that u’re still here

It’s ur 19th birthday
Now u feel old
But age is just a number
Or so we are 2ld
So get a grip
Nd have lots of fun
4 life’s 4 living
When all’s said nd done
19th birthday

You are so special to me and I hope you enjoy this card, I hope you have a special day. Today is your day to do whatever you want and I hope all your dreams come true! Have a great day!

This birthday is a special one
You’re 19 today
I hope it’s packed with
Lots of Fun
And you dance the night away

Your future is as bright as the candles on your cake, birthday greetings to you

You’re getting older
And that is that
And as the years go by
You’ll have to fight the fat
Your knees will go
And your wrinkles will show
And you’ll get various problems
Down below
Your bones will creak
And you’ll start to get stiff
And if you don’t wash often
You’ll start to whiff
But come on now
It’s not all bad
You’re still alive
So just be glad
Happy 19th Birthday

It’s time to Partay! Hope you’re having an awesome dayHappy 19ty birthday

Time has gone quickly and now you’re 19 years old
You’re an original, you don’t fit in any mold
You can have it all in life, this I know for a fact
Happy 19th to someone who’s an around class act

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Happy 30th Birthday Wishes: Quotes and Messages & Pics 2017

Happy 30th birthday Wishes: The 30th Birthday is also turning point of their life. The age of 30th desire is to ensure long – term happiness. In this age people are very secure about their career for their family. Not like anyone over 30, you can believe the accurate grand greetings birthday below. Relax secure you will select only unique, nice written birthday messages for the 30 years old people. Here you can download the 30th birthday message by which you can wish to your friends, mother etc. in good way. This means choosing birthday greetings that push cool at turning 30 or come with nice encouraging words about the decade forward.

30th Birthday Wishes and Messages - Messages, Greetings and Wishes

May u be blessed with more style, charm, panache, confidence nd personality on ur 30th Birthday. Enjoy nd Celebrate

Happy 30th Birthday. Wishing u many jous years ahead.

I’m here 2 tell u dat I’m always going 2 by ur side 4 the rest of ur life. Happy 30th Birthday! 30th Birthdays are always special day

At 30, if u’re making plans of where ur next vacation is going 2 be, I wish u many more such 30th Birthdays ahead. Have a great one nd here’s 2 many more vacations!

Wishing u a very warm welcome 2 the second decade of urs.
A brnd new decade is waiting 4 u. What more could u ask 4? Happy 30th B-Day!
U are not 30. U are just a 10 year old kid with 10 years of experience

Ur 30’s will go by so fast,
Bt u are going 2 have a blast!
I cannot wait 2 spend time with u
So dat I can enjoy ur 30’s 2o.

U are growing in2 a great ung man,
Bt I always knew u would never be anything less than
The smart, kind, loyal brother dat I love.
Whether u are feeling high or low,
U will always have a place 2 go.
I am here 4 u nd wishing u well on ur birthday.

I criticize ur hair nd style
Because big sisters have 2 tease.
However, u always make me smile.
Thinking of u fills me with ease
Because u are so capable nd strong.
U know it is true.
Ur big sister is never wrong!

I am wishing u a sunny, exciting day!
I will even let u get ur way
Since it is ur birthday.

At 30 if you haven’t figured out what to do with the rest of your life, you’re on the right track! Happy 30th Birthday. Wishing you wisdom for the rest of your life!

30 is just the natural number following 29 and preceding 31. There is nothing wrong with it. Happy 30th Birthday!

If you start noticing that you’ve begun saying the same things that your parents did when you were young, you’ve truly reached 30. Haha! Happy 30th Birthday. Wishing you many joyous years ahead.

30 will be good to you because 30 is fun, 30 is wild, 30 will make you laugh and smile, 30 is cool, and 30 pops, but mostly 30′s great because 30 Rocks!Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous 30th Bday!

At 30, you have enough experience to know how to separate the friends from the foes and the motivators from the naysayers. I’m here to tell you that I’m always going to by your side for the rest of your life. Happy 30th Birthday

30th Birthdays are always special because they help you see how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Have a great 30th Birthday.Happy 30th birthday!

At 30, you suddenly become more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your parents. Happy 30th birthday

Today you are about eleven thousand one hundred seventy- five and a half days old!

30th Birthdays are special because they help to see how far you have come and how far you still have to go. Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you have a fantastic year.

At 30, if you see a strand of gray hair, consider it to be a gray hair of maturity. If you notice a soft wrinkle beneath your eyes, consider it to be a wrinkle of wisdom and if you notice a shadow always lurking behind you, consider it’s me watching over you! Happy 30th Birthday!

May you be blessed with more style, charm, panache, confidence and personality on your 30th Birthday. After all, 30 is the new 20 these days! Happy 30th Birthday

30th Birthdays are always special because they help you see how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Have a great 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the hottest 30 year old I have ever met. Who cares about maturity? It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy!

Your first wrinkle is a sign of maturity, while your very first grey hair is a sign thatwell nothing, it is just a sign that you need some hair dye! Happy 30th Birthday

I’m in the unpleasant position of reminding you that your 20s have lost the battle against time. From now on, the 30s are in command. Happy 30th birthday!

I’m in the unpleasant position announcing you that your 20’s have lost the battle against time. From now on 30’s are in command.
Happy Birthday

Thirty is the age when you have a perfect bird’s eye view of life. You know exactly what mistakes you made in the past and you know exactly how to correct them in the future. Happy 30th birthday.

30 is only a number that’s close to 29 but, as a rule, never quite gets there. Happy 29th birthdayagain!

Who said you have become wise at thirty? You were already wise at twenty five but I was waiting for the right time to tell you. Happy 30th birthday.

Say good-bye to your 20s. May they rest in peace! Happy 30th birthday!

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